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Walk on the Wildside: Celebrating Environmental Conservation

Walk on the Wildside: Celebrating Environmental Conservation

The health of the environment is directly threatened by air pollution. Safeguarding our environment and air quality becomes the key to preserving lung health, for thriving wildlife habitats and ensuring a brighter future for all. Last month, our Food Scraps & Recycling team represented BREATHE at the Walk on the Wildside at the beautiful Bufferlands in Sacramento. This remarkable gathering was dedicated to environmental conservation and brought together various community-based organizations focused on conserving plants, habitats, and animals.

There is a rising concern on the downward trend of air quality over the past years. Food waste is a big contributor to pollution. As food rots in our landfills, it releases methane into the atmosphere. In result, we are breathing in these horrible gases contributing to poor lung health. As an effort to reduce climate pollutants, California passed Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383), which went into effect in January 2022, to “redirect organic and food waste from landfill to the soil as compost”. It is imperative that we reduce our contribution to air pollution for better air quality for healthier lungs. It can all start with small changes, like reducing our food waste.

The Walk on the Wildside event was a powerful reminder for us to reduce our negative impacts on the environment. It showed us that by making simple changes and using sustainable practices, we can protect our environment. Attendees were treated to a mesmerizing show, featuring these resilient creatures sharing their stories of survival, which served as a powerful reminder of the critical importance of preserving their habitats. Throughout the event, knowledgeable representatives from different organizations passionately educated visitors, highlighting the urgent need to protect and sustain our natural wonders for future generations.

Many families stopped by at our table to learn more about the benefits of recycling our food scraps. Attendees, including parents and children, eagerly participated in interactive food scraps sorting game, gaining valuable insights on how to correctly sort waste. Our team also provided resources and information on the benefits of composting. Families were given practical tips and strategies to incorporate responsible waste management practices into their daily lives, enabling them to make a positive impact on the environment for healthier, breathable air.

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