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Why Big Day of Giving is Important to Breathe California

Why Big Day of Giving is Important to Breathe California

Breathe California’s 100-year history has been filled with great achievements realized because of our incredible staff members, our volunteers, and our funders. ‘Clean air and healthy lungs’ is more than a tagline at Breathe, it is our mission. To all past staff members, to every volunteer, and to every financial contributor, THANK YOU! This organization is stronger today because of you.

Breathe California has survived the Great Depression, multiple recessions, both World Wars – and that just skims the surface. We have faced the biggest lung health threats of the past hundred years, from tuberculosis to vaping to this latest threat from COVID-19. We don’t know what the future holds, but we know that with your support we can continue educating youth on the dangers of smoking and vaping, advocating for the cleanest, most efficient transportation, and encouraging wise investments in preventative care.

We look forward to serving the greater Sacramento Region for another 100 years!

Thank you!

Support Breathe during the #BigDayofGiving HERE! (Also, your gift of up to $300 is tax-deductible because of the new stimulus bill.)

Breathe Youth Advisory Board members and students from across Sacramento share their creativity and passion for tobacco control!

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