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Tobacco Control Update at Breathe

Tobacco Control Update at Breathe

As the fiscal year came to a close on June 30th, so did the 5-year Sacramento Taking Action against Nicotine Dependence (STAND) project. Under this project, funded by the California Tobacco Control Program, Breathe successfully helped the Los Rios District Community Colleges adopt, implement and maintain their smoke-, tobacco-, and vape-free campus policy. Several housing groups were assisted in the adoption and implementation of a smoke-free multi-unit housing policy, and significant advocacy momentum was made for policy adoption at the municipal level in multiple Sacramento County jurisdictions.

Throughout the project, the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) members advocated for a tobacco-free future and policies throughout the County – most notably the flavored-tobacco ban in the City of Sacramento that was implemented on January 1, 2020.

As this project closes, Breathe is excited to announce our new project funded by the California Tobacco Control Program: Smoke-Free Sacramento. This five year project will run through June 30, 2025 and has a new and improved work plan for the following four objectives:

1. Two jurisdictions in Sacramento County will adopt smoke-free multi-unit housing policies

2. At least one Sacramento County jurisdiction will adopt a smoke-free outdoor worksite policy

3. The American River Regional Parkway will be made 100% smoke-free and policy language will close loopholes from state legislation. The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) will continue its advocacy efforts with an annual focus on operating the PSA Contest

Tobacco Control update by Marissa Greenband, MPH, CHES, Tobacco Control Programs Director at Breathe.

Photo by Katee Lue on Unsplash.

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