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Capitol Information & Education Days

Capitol Information & Education Days

The Tobacco Endgame Center for Organizing and Engagement hosted its first in-person Capitol Information & Education Days (I&E Days) in the post COVID-19 era on May 8-9th.

Open to all CTCP-funded projects and the community at large, Breathe CA Sacramento Region showed up to help our policy makers understand the importance of tobacco control and tobacco’s impact on our communities. 225 of us from across the state of California raised our voices and reminded our elected officials in Sacramento that the fight against the tobacco industry is not over! We met with your legislators, posted on social media, and raised the visibility of the tobacco industry’s evasion of local and state laws that end the sale of flavored tobacco. We’ve made great strides with the passing of recent legislation, and the Tobacco Endgame Center for Organizing and Engagement team produced a video commemorating the eventhere, to remember that “The Fight is Not Over”. Again and again, we see that Big Tobacco evades tobacco policies and finds loopholes to hurt our vulnerable and disproportionately impacted underserved communities. It’s time for California leaders to strengthen their fight against the Tobacco industry because tobacco still takes nearly 40,000 lives a year in our state. We at Breathe CA Sacramento Region thank Senator Ashby at Senate District 08 and Assembly Member Kevin McCarty at Assembly District 06 for being tobacco control champions and spending their time learning how we can work together to save Californians from the leading cause of preventable death.

Working on the frontlines of the fight, the Breathe CA Sacramento Region Tobacco Team invited our partners and legislators at I&E Days to attend, share and promote the Breathe CA Sacramento Region Third-Annual Tobacco Litter Pickup. In partnership with the Equestrian Patrol and the American River Parkway Foundation, the Tobacco Team and Youth Advisory Board organized the third-annual Tobacco Litter Pickup event held at River Bend Park on Saturday, May 20th 2023 with Supervisor Kennedy’s and volunteer team support. 

To read more on how you can be a better advocate against Big Tobacco, please visit the “Tobacco Litter Pickup” blog post, follow us on Instagram @sacbreathe and check out the calendar on our website to learn about future events and opportunities! #BigBadTobacco will not win. #VoicesAgainstTobacco   

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