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BREATHE and K-Kids Bring Food scraps to Babcock Elementary

BREATHE and K-Kids Bring Food scraps to Babcock Elementary

We are proud to say that our Food Scraps programs have helped students to learn how to properly dispose of their food scraps, helped to divert food waste from piling up in landfills, and reduced carbon emissions. Teachers are also proud of their students, especially one of Babcock Elementary’s 3rd grade teachers, Brittoni Ward. Keep reading to hear Brittoni’s account of what our Food Scraps program has done for her school.

Here at Babcock Elementary, we have been thrilled to have BREATHE help us launch a composting program this past month! We have a leadership group through Kiwanis, called K-Kids and they have been working alongside BREATHE staff and our custodian to successfully get our cafeteria properly sorting their landfill and compost waste during lunch. The launch kicked off with an assembly where our students learned about composting and why it is important to sort properly to cut down on what we send to our landfills. BREATHE also provided us with links to food scraps sorting games that we shared with teachers so students could practice in and out of the classroom. The K-Kids have shown great leadership and pride in their participation in launching this program, and it is exciting to see the positive impact they are making in reducing food waste. 

K-Kids have also begun creating realia posters of what items from the cafeteria should be sorted in the landfill and in the composting bins, which will be displayed in the cafeteria for added visual support. This has been such a rewarding experience, and we are looking forward to expanding the composting program outside the cafeteria and throughout our campus. We are planning to get composting bins placed in our playgrounds to provide access to composting our daily fruit and vegetable snacks as well as other foods that students enjoy during their recesses. The BREATHE program has unified and motivated our school to become more environmentally conscious through education and practice. We are incredibly grateful to BREATHE for bringing this program to our school!

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